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Proposed Mandate

  • Strategize & build programs around identified thematic areas of TB research (diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines and implementation) through Consortium approach
  • Co-ordinate & facilitate translational research towards development of new affordable, novel tools (e.g. rapid point-of-care diagnostics, efficacious TB vaccine, new anti-TB drugs including effective intervention models for better compliance)
  • Interfacing research to policy through generation ofclinical evidence
  • Develop systems for resource mobilization by convergence of expertise, infrastructure and funding and promote data sharing through bio-informatics
  • To provide financial, infrastructural, training, institutional and mentoring support to public and private sector entities to facilitate translation
  • To encourage participation of private sector in TB care by developing suitable schemes/mechanisms
  • Support advancement of affordable, novel, deployable products and technologies in healthcare through public private partnership
  • Promote global partnerships to address national health priorities
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