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  • By undertaking commissioned/competitive research in partnership with private investment agencies as a co-investor – in advancing promising research leads to products where its public health use can be envisioned
  • By encouraging and providing training to the target groups (students, researchers, other skilled workers) to encourage applied research
  • Create schemes that facilitate the acquisition/transfer or license of innovative technology from any source (including overseas) which can be implemented in India
  • Create common research/service facilities in public and private sector to serve the needs of researchers/Programme
  • Create capacity in various fields required for successful translation of a research lead into a product, some examples:
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Regulatory issues
  • Legal and contracts
  • Product evaluation
  • Licensing
  • Grant writing
  • Designing Field Trials for drugs/ vaccines
  • Designing and implementation of clinical trials (all Phases; Phase II,III & IV)
  • Field trials
  • Ethical issues
  • Data management
  • Toxicology
  • Facilitate evaluation of economic impact/ mathematical modelling for TB related research and analysis for critical policy decision
    • Economic impact of research– trend analysis
      • Mathematical Modelling to see cost effectiveness of intervention
    • Competitive technology evaluation
  • Partner with organizations with common mandate/objectives to fulfil these objectives e.g. industry; venture/seed capital to companies to scale-up production of new tools and Biotechnology park/Institutions to incubate prospective entrepreneurs

ITRC shall undertake a detailed landscaping analysis in all four thematic areas of research to identify most advanced leads, do commissioned/competitive research or research through specific call and fund the projects. In addition it will cater to the health research needs by operating an IP and analysis cell; regulatory and laision cell; technology transfer and acquisition cell; and legal and contracting services to help the different programmes run smoothly. It would provide technical support to research organizations, industry and academia, offer product validation and other services required to generate evidence for its successful incorporation into National Programme. There will also be a provision to add more activities in future.

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