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Research Portfolios

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HomeOur WorkResearch Portfolios
1. For XDR-TB: A 6-9 months 4 drug Shorter regimen with all oral drugs (Delamanid + Bedaquiline+ Linezolid+ Clofazimine) for XDR-TB ongoing.
2. Study Repurposing of econazole and adding to WHO shorter regimen for reducing the treatment duration of MDR-TB
3. For MDR-TB: A clinical trial with the shorter 4 drug oral regimen for 6-9 months as compared to shorter WHO regimen, approved and will be initiated shortly.
4. Pk studies on 2nd line ATT sanctioned.
5. Observational study of inhaled gaseous nitric oxide (gNO) for adults with drug resistant pulmonary TB approved.
• For Drug sensitive TB: Following clinical trials with regimen for improving efficacy and early culture conversion initiated:
1. Repurposed drug metformin along with ATT for better cure rate and prevention of relapse.
2. Repurposed drug Varapamil along with ATT for better cure rate and prevention of relapse.
3. High dose rifampicin (25mg/kg and 35mg/kg as compared to 10 mg/kg) for better and early cure rate
4. Repurposing Clofazimine: Phase II Clinical trial with repurposed drug Clofazimine by replacing ethambutol as part of the first-line anti-TB regimen in order to shorten the overall duration of treatment in DS-TB from 6 months to 4 months by replacing ethambutol for treatment of DS-TB is ongoing.
5. Phase I study to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of single dose of PLG encapsulated-ATD nanoparticles: and dose escalation study Nano-formulations of the standard anti-tb drug: Initiated
6. EBA study with Feropenam approved and has been initiated.
7. Animal studies with Inhalational Rifabutin and INH ongoing completed and showed early clearance of bacilli from the animals as compared to standard treatment arms. Study with shorter duration proposed.
8. New anti-TB molecule: Transitmycin a new drug molecule discovered by NIRT in collaboration with IIT, Madras and Periyar university. A promising anti-Tb against MDR-TB with anti HIV activity molecule is undergoing animal study.
9. Clinical trial with Risorine [Rifampicin (450 mg and 600mg) and Piperine (225 mg)] for DS-TB for improving efficacy and early culture conversion approved and would be initiated soon.
• For latent TB: Clinical trial with Rifapentine for latent TB sanctioned
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